Luxury Restroom Trailers and Portable Restrooms – Knowing the difference
August 20, 2019

Nowadays, most outdoor events have portable restrooms installed for the convenience of the public gathered. Portable restrooms are much needed when all day events are organized outdoors which have a large number of people gathered in a place where there isn’t a restroom around.

When picking portable restrooms for occasions, it’s critical to prepare and to comprehend which portable restrooms are most appropriate for your occasion. Consider these tips to choose portable restrooms that match the requirements of your occasion.

We prescribe choosing from these five kinds of portable restrooms to help your occasion.

Luxurious Portable Restrooms


1. Standard Portable Restroom

A standard portable restroom is the most mainstream portable restroom in the business because it is intended to serve a large number of people or the overall population. This incorporates long distance races, outside shows, game parking areas, family get-togethers, and different occasions that draw in a huge, assorted group.

Additionally, this sort of portable restroom is well known for bigger occasions because of the cost benefit. Leasing many standard portable restrooms in mass saves a lot.


2. Luxurious Portable Restroom

Contrasted with a standard portable restroom, the luxurious portable restroom is well known for an increasingly select group. Rather than holding an occasion for the public, you might hold an outside excursion for family, off-site corporate occasion, an outdoor event for a limited number of people, or other unique occasions with a restricted group.

When thinking about this sort of restroom, you are not as worried about masses or serving an enormous number of people. Rather, you are increasingly focused on giving a more prominent user experience to a select group.


3. Women’s Portable Restroom

The necessities of most occasions will be fulfilled by a standard or luxurious portable restroom. In any case, if you are holding an occasion where you hope to draw a prevalently female group, then you should think about ladies’ portable restrooms.

The ladies’ restroom is based on the special portable restroom idea, excludes a urinal, and can be bolted from inside. This kind of restroom is perfect for an open air ladies’ rally or race, a ladies’ social occasion in a parking area, a huge outside wedding shower, or other extraordinary occasions.


4. Can-On-Wheels

The can-on-wheels idea is a portable toilet in the true sense. A trailer with wheels is attached to the base of the standard portable restroom to make mobility.

This sort of portable restroom is perfect for outside occasions where the occasion is occurring in an off-site area away from the street. For example, an open air show or game set up in a huge field away from the principle parking area. Your staff would then be able to wheel a few can-on-wheel portable restrooms to a zone neighboring the show or occasion.


We suggest that you have wheelchair available portable restrooms at outside occasions that are available to the public.

Wheelchair units are specifically intended for people with unique needs to make a three-point turn. The highlights incorporate a level floor structure for simple wheelchair access and mobility, and grab bars inside.

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