Shower Trailer Rental – Sacramento, CA

A shower trailer rental from Premier Portables is a great addition for many types of situations. If you’re having a major event or function, a shower trailer is a great option for your guests if you’re outside or in a location where letting people clean themselves up thoroughly adds a level of convenience or comfort. Having a portable shower rental at a music festival campsite or other outdoor festival can be an amazing experience for attendees who have been at your event all day. If you’re having a family reunion or pool party, it can be nice to have a shower ready for you and your guests.

A mobile shower trailer can also be a godsend if you work in construction or some other labor-intensive job outside in the elements. Being able to clean all the grime and dirt from the day can do a lot for the morale and mental state of your employees. Our shower trailers are clean and spacious for your teams and as good as your showers and restrooms at home. We pride ourselves on providing comfortable and luxurious spaces for people to feel refreshed. Whether the temperatures are hot or cold, a nice shower goes a long way for a tired employee.

If you’re in the Sacramento area, contact us today for more information on our shower trailer rentals. We have an assortment of products and will help you figure out a good fit for your needs. We keep our prices competitive and our portable shower rentals immaculate. We understand how daunting it can be to find a mobile shower trailer rental that is easy to work with, and we’ll provide memorable customer service at a price you can be happy with. Reach out to our team and set up a date for your own shower trailer rental.

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