Event & Wedding Trailer Rentals Near Sacramento, CA

If you’re having a wedding or event in a unique outdoor location, don’t sacrifice the convenience of a nearby bathroom by relying on your guests or nearby locations. Consider a wedding or event trailer rental to handle your basic needs! Our luxurious event trailers conveniently provide modern amenities to any unique outdoor location. You can provide guests bathrooms with all the usual amenities. Attendees will be able to get themselves cleaned up for your event, or maybe cleaned up before the ride home. Anyone looking for a bathroom will have the running water and temperature-controlled environment that makes using a washroom comfortable and easy. We keep our bathroom rentals for weddings and large-scale events cleaned and well maintained to alleviate the anxiety of using an unfamiliar washroom.

Whatever your price ranges, we’ll work with you to find an event trailer rental that matches your needs. We have a variety of models and layouts available, and our more luxurious models have benefits such as televisions and other creature comforts. The enjoyment of an event can mean attending to the most basic of details, and having an event trailer rental with an easy-to-use and clean bathroom goes a long way toward helping people enjoy themselves.

Premier Portables delivers bathroom rentals for weddings around the Sacramento area, and we provide event trailers to many different industries and events. Our rates are competitive, and we’ll provide a personal touch to the service you receive. Contact us today to discuss your needs before your next event and schedule our wedding and event trailer rental services so you and your guests can be comfortable the next time you go.

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